Personal Project Management

Like work-related projects, personal projects come in all shapes and sizes from Honey-Do lists to organizing events and getting to day-to-day tasks; each accompanied with their own levels of complexity, risk, timelines, budgets and outcome expectations. Beyond any of your specific projects is the prioritization process regarding your basket of all your projects. Don’t stress yourself in trying to organize your personal project, consider EMLI for your personal project needs. EMLI will complete your project with high quality, within the budget and on time.


When your to-do list becomes a monster, and an item next to a checkbox will actually take a long time and multiple people to complete, you need more than a checklist to keep track of it. What you really have is a project, and you need an organization that manages them on your behalf. You might have so many project that you need to handle, such as, home renovation, family reunion, birthday party, tutoring, transportation, running errands, arranging flights and hotels, vacation plans, or other pet projects you need to keep track of. EMLI is here to take full responsibility to organize your personal project and get it done on your behalf.

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